Seeing my own Social Identity…continued

When you understand what has been created, you try to reshape it to turn it into your reality and relate to the situation. This then helps us reason through the world and remake it of your own. As Dr. Neal Haslem stated, “An identity is something you need to make, it is a construction”. In a philosophical sense- the owl was associated with knowledge, we can only know once the day has passed. We start to understand it more in retrospect. Jean- Jacque Rousseau named the term perfectibility as the no choice attribute; the only common trace to us all which is the capacity of self transformation that is the ‘human essence’. Bauman explained how humans are free to self create to “mold” into a new. Due to the ever changing society encapsulated with media/advertising our life as Bauman expressed is the prime source of insecurity and anxiety. A continual cycle and struggle within ourselves.

How to define the here and now since it has developed and moved through the changes of technology (an additional struggle to find yourself in the void). Our understanding of ourselves comes with the recognition of the individual. A Social identity relates to how we identify ourselves in relation to others according to what we have in common. Social identity can provide people with a sense of self-esteem and a framework for socializing, and it can influence their behavior.

In which I must continue…who I have been, who am I now and where am I going (a pilgrim if nothing else…). I am lost in a world of translation trying to find my own social identity. We all have a time in life in which we are transformed and changed our identity. My social identity is a combination of my career in project management, my interest in knowledge management (project planning), living a healthy lifestyle, a strong addition to coffee/good music. My tonality will be pieced together through healthy cooking, interesting articles on project management in the media industry, pictures, music, learning and humour so readers will follow along and to understand my mood and story in the same manner.


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